Robbery (Penal Code 211)

Robbery is a very serious offense that can carry serious consequences for your child.  If they are 16 years or older it is considered a “strike offense” and you should contact an experienced Juvenile Attorney immediately.

In order to convict you of robbery, the prosecutor must prove the following facts:

  1. You took property that didn't belong to you,
  2. From another person's possession or immediate presence,
  3. Against that person's will
  4. Using force or threats, and
  5. When you took the property, you intended to deprive the owner of it permanently or for such an extended period of time that the owner would be deprived of a major portion of the value or enjoyment of the property.
    • Please note that if you physically struggle with a store clerk, while attempting to leave the premises, that can be filed as a Robbery (“Estes Robbery”).  A skilled attorney can work with the D.A. to get those charges changed.
    • Robbery is a “Strike Offense.”

Robbery is the taking of someone’s property against their will, with the use of threat or force.  That force can be grabbing, pushing or shoving someone out of the way.  It can also be threatening to hurt them, or threatening with a weapon.  Your child can also be convicted of Robbery if they were “along for the ride”, and driving or sitting in the car, or if your child did not have the weapon.

Examples of Robbery are 1) Your child enters a store and steals a bottle of alcohol.  The store security guard sees this and tells your child to stop.  Your child runs out of the store, but the clerk grabs their coat and takes your child to the ground and they struggle.  Your child gets up and runs out.  2)  Your child is walking on the street and confronts another kid and tells them to give up his IPhone and their wallet or else he will beat him up.  (even though there is no weapon- there is still the threat of force used).

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