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What would you do if your child or loved one got in trouble and was arrested by the police or charged with a crime?  You would want an attorney who focuses on that area of law to help you. A lawyer with a proven record of helping their clients in the toughest and most vulnerable situations for them and their family’s life.  You would call Juvenile Defense Attorney, Katie Walsh.

Prosecutors and Schools have become increasingly aggressive in the manner in which the police are called and charges are brought against children.  As a criminal defense attorney Katie Walsh has successfully defended many cases involving the most serious charges down to the minor charges- all the while obtaining the best results with the least impact on her clients’ records.

Hiring the right defense attorney for a child is one of the most important decisions you will make.  As a Juvenile Defense Attorney, Katie Walsh will take great care to make their case stand apart from the others, put in the best light possible and obtain the best possible outcome.  Katie Walsh and her team will communicate with you and answer all your questions.  Call now for a free confidential consultation, (714) 619-9355.


Emphasizing Juvenile Law & School Discipline

Ms. Walsh was a prosecutor with the Orange County District Attorney’s Office for 9 years. During that time, amongst other assignments, she served as a Juvenile Prosecutor at the Lamoreaux Justice Center in the City of Orange and as a Domestic Violence & Child Abuse Prosecutor. She has chosen to focus her practice on Juvenile Law and School Discipline using her prosecutorial experience to her clients’ advantage.

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The first step you should take when charged with a crime is securing an experienced attorney with a successful track record. Attorney Walsh is familiar with Orange County Justice system, and will produce the best possible outcome for your case. Contact Katie Walsh by calling (714) 619-9355 or filling out our confidential online form.