Transportation of a Controlled Substance
[Health and Safety Code Section 11352]

If you are arrested for Transportation of a controlled substance for sale you may be charged with Health and Safety Code Section 11352.

The elements of this offense are:

  1. A person transported a controlled substance; and
  2. That person knew of its presence and nature as a controlled substance.

In order for the prosecution to prove a case involving Transportation it does not need to show any intent to sell or distribute the controlled substance.

Often times when the controlled substance is found under the seat of a vehicle the prosecutor will argue that the driver/owner of the vehicle must have known of the presence of the substance simply because they are the owner/driver of the vehicle and even though there were other people in the car. However, a skillful attorney can counter that argument by explaining to the court or the jury if necessary, how easy it is for a passenger to stash a controlled substance under the seat of a vehicle without the driver/owner being aware.

All Transportation charges are filed as felonies. Health and Safety Code Section 11352 carries a maximum incarceration time of 5 years; however, if the transportation involves transportation from one county to another noncontiguous county then the maximum punishment is 9 years.

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