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I hired attorney Katie Walsh to help my son when he was found with a large amount of drugs on school campus. She got us through the Expulsion Hearing, and miraculously he can go back to school at the winter semester after he catches up with his classes. The D.A. charged him with Possession for Sale (H&S 11375 (b) (1)) and Ms. Walsh got him a deal that after 1 year and community service his case can be dismissed and sealed-- like the incident and arrest never happened! You should hire Katie Walsh if your child ever gets in trouble at school or with the police. She made us feel very comfortable and answered all our questions.

AR- parent of minor client

I hired Katie Walsh to have my felony convictions expunged. She was able to expunge my record within 6 weeks of me giving her all the information. Even though technically I had a probation violation, and therefore the expungement was not automatic, she was successful with my case. Ms. Walsh was always available to answer my questions. I would recommend her if you need a criminal attorney- she changed my life, and my young son's life forever.

AR, criminal client

My 16 year old son was charged with possession of Marijuana, HS 11357(b). I was very concerned about what would happen to him and how this would affect his future. I contacted Ms. Walsh and she assured me that everything would be Ok- and it was. The judge wanted my son to plead guilty to this. Ms. Walsh got us a deal where my son did not have to plead guilty to anything, he did a class and community service and the case was DISMISSED completely! Ms. Walsh was always available for any questions we had. If you child is in trouble, hire Katie Walsh.

CT, parent of juvenile client

My child was charged with Felony Penal Code 597(a)- Animal Cruelty. After hiring Katie Walsh, she got the charges reduced to a misdemeanor, counseling, and 40 hours of chores at home. We come back in 6 months and the case will get completely dismissed and sealed from his record. This will not follow my child around. We are thrilled with these results and Katie Walsh. She was very responsive to us, and any questions we had. She was there every step of the way. If your child ever gets in trouble call Katie Walsh immediately.

DH - Parent of Juvenile client

I hired Katie Walsh to represent my son on sexual abuse allegations- P.C. 288(a) and P.C. 288(b)- they were Strike Charges. After negotiating with the D.A., she got all the strike charges dismissed, and got my son released from custody with credit for time served. Katie was very accessible and easy to get a hold of. She even took my calls and emails on a holiday weekend! I was so upset and scared for my son through out this- but Katie talked us through everything and answered all of our questions. She made us feel like someone was fighting for our son and cared about him. Absolutely hire Katie Walsh to help your child!

DR- mother of juvenile client

Katie Walsh was fantastic throughout this entire process! My 13 year old son was charged with two counts of lewd act on a minor, PC 288(a) and was in juvenile hall. After hiring Ms. Walsh, she GOT MY SON OUT OF JAIL and back home with us at the detention hearing. She got one of the charges dismissed up front, and after eighteen months and my son completes community service, the entire case will be dismissed. Ms. Walsh was ALWAYS available to us for any questions or concerns we had. She made us feel very comfortable during this very difficult and vulnerable time. We highly recommend hiring her as your attorney to help your children!

EG, parent of juvenile client

My 14 year old son was arrested at school for P.C. 311 (child pornography). My son had innocent and stupid nude pictures of himself and friends on his phone. Ms. Walsh was extremely easy to talk to, and made my son feel very comfortable during this process. As parents we were extremely concerned and nervous for our son- She was always available to answer all our questions and made us feel as much at ease as we could be during this process. Ms.Walsh was able to get the case dismissed by the DA, and we never went to court! I would recommend her for anything if you child gets in trouble!

GK,TK, parents of juvenile client

Ms. Walsh was a life saver when I didn't know what was going on, or how to handle the situation. My young daughter was attacked at her middle school and was seriously injured. At a time when both the school and the police were giving us the run-around and not helping, Ms. Walsh fought for us! She made the police listen to us and do their job. She answered every question, phone call, and email I had that was related, and unrelated to this case. She was encouraging to myself and my daughter. Because she was persistent with the police, probation, and the District Attorney, a case was charged against my daughter's attacker. I highly recommend Ms. Walsh if you ever need an attorney for a criminal matter.

HA, mother of 13 year old Victim Rights client

I hired Katie Walsh to seal my juvenile record of PC 288(a) (lewd act on a minor), after my request had been denied by a Judge and by the Probation Department. After speaking with Probation, the DA and the Judge at a hearing, she was able to get my record sealed over the objection of the DA. Ms. Walsh was always available for any questions myself or my parents had. I felt extremely comfortable and confident with her handling my case. I would recommend her to anyone who needs a juvenile attorney.

JW, former juvenile client

I was charged with a Felony Conspiracy charge- PC 182. After hiring Ms. Walsh she got my charged reduced to a misdemeanor right away, and now I just have to do community service and in 6 months my entire case will be dismissed! I would recommend Ms. Walsh if you ever get in trouble. She answered all my questions in a way that I could understand, unlike other lawyers and she was very easy to talk you.

KP, juvenile client

Ms. Walsh was like a breath of fresh air throughout this entire process. I was uncertain about the outcome, but she told me everything would be ok- and it was. She had my juvenile record sealed within 3 months of speaking with her. She was always available to answer any of my questions (and I had many questions). I strongly recommend recommend hiring Ms.Walsh to anyone who has a problem.

LR, former juvenile client

Ms. Walsh got the judge to terminate my son's probation and seal his 2 juvenile cases (Penal Code 288(a) and Penal Code 242) even though he had violated my probation by picking up a new case. By getting his record sealed under penal code 786, it means his arrest never happened and his cases get dismissed and destroyed. If your son or daughter ever get in trouble I highly recommend hiring Katie Walsh.

MB- mother of juvenile client

At a very difficult time in my life I contacted attorney Katie Walsh. I am a teacher and was being harassed/stalked by a parent at my school. I wanted a Restraining Order against this person. Ms. Walsh listened to me and made feel like I was her most important client. She made me feel safe, and that everything would be OK. She spent a lot of time preparing myself and our witnesses for court. I am extremely happy with the result. Ms. Walsh is the perfect combination of a pitbull in the courtroom, and a fair, professional and kind person. I strongly recommend Ms. Walsh to anyone who needs an attorney.

MB, restraining order client

My son was charged with Lewd Conduct, P.C. 647 out of Downey, CA. After hiring Ms. Walsh, she spoke with the District Attorney, Probation, and the Judge. Even though the judge was not pleased with the offer, she was able to get my son Community Service and a Class to complete, and the case will be dismissed entirely! Ms. Walsh made it so my son did not need to plead guilty. She was extremely involved and very helpful throughout this entire process. I felt that she was with us, our family, every step of the way. She even called my son's school on his behalf to discuss the situation and his status. If your child is ever in trouble- you MUST hire Katie Walsh.

MG, parent of minor

It is with sincere gratitude that I send this recommendation As a parent of a child that was arrested on a Felony Domestic Abuse charge and over 2000 miles away I had to rely on friend of a friends word that you would be able to help us. Those words couldn't have been more accurate and true. This was foreign territory to us. We knew nothing of what to do or who to turn to. You were helpful, understanding and immediately available to get the process moving. With your knowledge and expertise the charges were dismissed within a very short time. You were there every time we called for questions, concerns, and support. You always answered our calls. Working with you has been a pleasure and a bad situation ended with the best outcome possible- charges dismissed. Thank you very much for your attention, concern, support, and expertise.

MPF, mother of criminal client

I really liked having Ms. Walsh as my attorney. She visited me in Juvenile Hall. I was charged with four counts of Robbery (Penal Code 211). This was my 8th juvenile petition. Ms. Walsh got 2 of the robbery charges dismissed, and I only served 30 days in juvenile hall! She was also very supportive and told me I needed new friends, and that I was going down a bad path that would only get worse if i kept up this behavior. I don't want to go back to Juvenile Hall. I would recommend hiring Ms. Walsh if you ever need an juvenile attorney.

MU, juvenile client

I was arrested for a felony Domestic charge, PC 273.5(a). After I hired Katie Walsh, my entire case was dismissed. I never had to appear in court. I felt very comfortable with Ms. Walsh- she was easy to speak with, she was very accessible and easy to get a hold of, and answered all of my questions. She made me feel very comfortable during a hard situation. I would recommend her to anyone who needs an attorney.

NF, criminal client

Katie was instrumental in helping me with a criminal matter as an advocate for me and my children when I was a named victim in a DV case. She patiently and expediently addressed all of my questions and was an invaluable source of information. She prepared me for and was at every court date. Katie advised and supported me each step of the way. I am extremely pleased with the outcome of my case. I highly recommend Katie; she is bright, empathetic and kind.


My daughter was pulled over arrested for having a Fake ID. After hiring Ms. Walsh my daughter did not have to plead guilty- which would have affected her license status. She did community service, completed a legal awareness class, returned in 6 months and the case was dismissed and sealed. There is nothing on her record and her license is in tact. We are so pleased with Ms. Walsh- she was kind and patient. She answered every question we had and took pains to encourage our child to move past this. Hire Katie Walsh if your child gets in trouble.


My 14 year old daughter was involved in an assault and battery- PC 240/242, in Irvine. After hiring Katie Walsh the case was not referred to Court. My daughter was able to complete a class and the case will be dismissed entirely! Ms. Walsh was available to us for any questions we had. She spoke with probation prior to our meeting and went with us to the meeting. It was a relief to have her through this process and she made us feel very comfortable. I recommend her to anyone whose child might get in trouble. She was invaluable to helping us resolve this issue.

SG, mother a juvenile client

My son was charged with possession of Child Pornography P.C. 311.11(a) - a charge I did not realize a child could be guilty of! As parents were beside ourselves when we found this out, and contacted Katie Walsh. She listened to us, guided us through the process, and answered all of our questions. She came to the interviews and talked us through the entire process. We were concerned for so many things- mainly our son's future. Ms. Walsh got a deal that he complete community service, attend counseling and at the end of the case the entire thing will be dismissed from his record! Ms. Walsh encouraged us to contact her with any questions we had- and we did. She always responded quickly- even if on a weekend. It gave me such peace of mind knowing we could turn to her for help with our son. We are so happy to have met her. If your child ever gets in trouble you must hire Katie Walsh.

SH- mother of juvenile client

From San Diego I contacted Ms. Walsh about sealing my juvenile record in Orange County regarding a Petty Theft charge. She was always very responsive to any of my questions, and consistently kept me updated. Even though probation said this would take approximately 9 months to complete, she got my record sealed within 3 months. I would highly recommend Ms. Walsh for the juvenile area of law.

XL, juvenile client

Katie Walsh handled a family member's case for us and we couldn't be more pleased with the outcome and with the quality of representation we received. Highly highly recommend. Thank you Katie from the bottom of our hearts, we truly can't thank you enough.

Amanda R.

My family had complications with immigration. We went to see Katie Walsh and she helped us fill out some applications to solve the complications. With your help we were able to fill out and certify the shape of the uvisa. With all the confidence I fully recommend Katie for any complications they have with immigration.

Bryan L.

Katie takes the time to give excellent guidance and support. Highly recommend.

Christy H.

Katie was absolutely wonderful for family during a very difficult time. She was direct and responsive.

Daryl D.

Katie is professional, thorough and an excellent communicator. I highly recommend her to work with your friends or family.

Eileen B.

I cannot recommend Katie highly enough! She always goes the extra mile for her clients and works wonderfully with parents and children alike. You can feel confident and at ease going with Katie Walsh.

Erin J.

I worked with Ms. Walsh in Orange County juvenile court and she's the lawyer I would recommend to any friends or family who needed an attorney in that area. Juvenile delinquency law is such a specialized field within criminal defense, you want someone who understands the nuances and Katie Walsh is that person.

Isabel A.

If you're looking for the best juvenile criminal defense lawyer around, you need not look anywhere else. Katie Walsh is a passionate advocate for her clients.

Isabel T.

Very helpful, polite, and comforting. I am very grateful. Thank you Ms. Walsh.

J En

I highly recommend Atty. Katie Walsh to anyone who needs a juvenile lawyer. She is the ultimate professional. She kept us informed throughout the process and answered questions we had. Best decision ever hiring her to represent our son. Thank you atty.

Jeanneth I.

Ms. Walsh was able to take my call right away. She was extremely personable and comforting to talk to. She provided me with lots of information and even some websites to look at to better inform myself of my situation. I am very grateful for her help. Her receptionist was also helpful and polite. I highly recommend the services. Thank you so much.

Jen P.

Katie Walsh is an excellent attorney and advocate. She is proactive, responsive, and reassuring! She answered all of my questions, and explained everything clearly and thoroughly. I knew I was in great hands. I would not hesitate to recommend Katie or to use her again.

Julieta S.

Katie Walsh is the most competent and skilled attorney I've had the pleasure of working with. We hired her as a victim advocate attorney and she not only stood up for the rights of my young niece, she was able to show the courts how remiss the DA was in their lack of proper prosecution of her perpetrator. She got us more justice than we could've hoped for and we could not be more proud than to have had her in our corner. If you need a true advocate in the court system and someone to fight hard on your behalf, Katie is the attorney for you.

Kathrine D.

Katie Walsh is wonderful. During an extremely difficult time with our child, Katie was immediately available to meet with us and walk us through the situation. She answered our questions, our child's questions, and provided a clearer understanding of what we were dealing with, and possible outcomes. Katie clearly undertands the ins and outs of the juvenile system. We were so thankful for her. Due to her representation, the situation ended in a favorable outcome. Even a couple of years after this, Katie took the time to anwer questions and help us with an unrelated incident. I would highly reccomend Katie Walsh!

Lenora S.

Ms. Walsh was extremely professional and did a fantastic job focusing on the legal matter, while also considering the child's life at stake. She was thorough in informing and explaining everything in a language that all parties could understand.

Leslie M.

Great attorney. She brings a logical approach to her work and really listens to her client. She is always available and is kind and compassionate. Highly recommend her!

Lisa C.

I would highly recommend Ms. Walsh for all juvenile criminal defense matters. She takes the time to answer all the questions clients have. She understands how difficult and emotional it can be for families during the legal process. With all her years of experience she is able to help the families through the process and fight for her clients.

Lucinda T.

I have been practicing criminal law for over 20 years ... I refer my juvenile criminal defense clients to Katie Walsh. Ms. Walsh was previously a District Attorney who handled juvenile case so she knows the process extremely well and gets excellent results for her clients. I enthusiastically recommend her.


Katie Walsh was a life saver when I didn't know what was going on or what to do. Ms. Walsh fought for us and made the police do their job. She answered every phone call, email, and question I had- some even unrelated to this incident. Because of her persistency, we had a favorable outcome. You should hire Ms. Walsh!

Monica H.

Katie Walsh was a life saver when I didn't know what was going on or what to do. My young daughter was attacked at school and was seriously hurt. Both the school and police were giving us the run-around and not helping, but Ms. Walsh fought for us and made the police do their job. She answered every phone call, email, and question I had- some even unrelated to this incident. Because of her persistency, my daughter's attacker had to answer for his crime. You should hire Ms. Walsh!

Monster C.

After meeting with Katie and discussing her experience in the Juvenile Court system we hired her. After a number of hearings and months of waiting the charges the D.A. had filed were completely dropped. She knows the details of juvenile court. If you have a case filed against your juvenile, talk to Katie first.

Paul H.

Ms. Walsh is a wonderful attorney. I have sent several clients her way. She is responsive and helpful. I would recommend here as a great resource for anyone seeking juvenile law defense in Orange County.

Ric T.

I worked with Ms. Walsh for several months in 2014. She's very professional. She responds quickly to emails and phone calls. Her knowledge of the law is outstanding. Highly recommended.

Robert P.

Katie Walsh is the choice! She is amazing and I would refer her without hesitation to friends and family. As our lawyer, Katie created with ease such an elegant solution for my son who was charged with Felony Conspiracy that as a result nothing will be on his record and he didn't need to plead guilty. After some community service work and only 6 months of light probation period his case will be dismissed.

Rumen P.

Ms. Walsh is very caring and hard working. She will do everything she can to help her clients. She also has vast amounts of experience. I highly recommend Ms. Walsh.

Sara W.

I have recommended Ms. Walsh to clients and friends. She responds to questions quickly and gave us an accurate information so that we were able to understand and navigate our son's case and make appropriate decisions.

Stacey K.

I couldn't be happier with Katie! She is an excellent attorney who understands that this process is not only difficult for the child but she is also very attentive to the parents. I had so many questions, This was our first time being involved with the judicial system and having Katie on our side helped me feel more confident about having a fair outcome in the case! I hope you never need to hire an attorney for your child, but if you do...Katie Walsh is the best!!

Stephanie P.

It was really hard and confusing when my child got in trouble with the police! He was charged with Felony Conspiracy - PC 182 with his friend. I called Katie Walsh and she immediately responded to me and was always available for any questions. She explained everything to me and my child step-by-step. I felt like this case was her priority- and that was important to me. She immediately got the charges dropped to misdemeanors, and then with an agreement to do community service, the case was dismissed! Fortunately, now this is not on my child's record. You must call Katie Walsh when your child is in trouble.

Tori Z.

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